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Hired them to winterize our sprinklers.Not only did they fail to winterize the pipes correctly, they left with the water turned off to the main house and this (see picture).

When we called to have them come back and fix the problem, we were told it was our fault (after them telling many lies to try to cover themselves), were hung up one by the lady in the office, then the technician called to berate my wife with profanities. They were adamant to come back to the house, I had to threaten calling the police if they set foot on my property. They eventually tore up our check and placed it in our mailbox, with the technician yelling "here's your check, F*** off" as she drove away (have this on video). Incompetent, ignorant and just all around horrible people.

Don't give them your business.They have a "F" rating on BBB for a reason.


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